Assessment & Development for Executives

Do you have the skills and flexibility needed to take the next step in your career? Are you performing better in some areas than others? Do you know your full potential as a leader for the modern age? Do you want to distinguish yourself from the rest? At High Touch Executive Search, we know that it takes time to develop leadership skills and that the best leaders can become even better. Our executive assessments and development help you take your skills to the next level.

Programs for Managers and Teams

You may need to manage a succession process or merger, or you may be moving to a new industry. Whatever your situation, we provide individual managers and boards with insight into their strengths and indicate which further support you can get the best out of yourself. Besides, we provide market insights, including benchmarking, that help senior executives make the best possible HR decisions. We want to get the best out of every manager. For this, we offer assessments, development programs, coaching and leadership programs.

Executive assessment

The High Touch executive assessment process is unique in its class. It not only analyses a candidate’s experience but also maps the potential for success in larger and more complex roles. Our assessment combines behavioural and competence assessment with 360-degree references to provide an in-depth understanding of your supervisors’ strengths – and the areas that most need support. All our Executive Assessments are carried out by a team of senior professionals who know the companies’ specific challenges through and through. After we have formed a clear picture of your managers’ skills with the help of these assessments, we can work with you on the most important step: development. For this, we offer tailor-made programs for individual managers and teams.

Executive development

Business life is becoming increasingly complex, and executives need to be better equipped to deal with their organisations’ day-to-day issues. Only then can they successfully shape the transformation within their company. Modern leadership requires more than just strategic and problem-solving skills: the emotional and human aspects of management weigh just as much. That’s why successful management development for us revolves around the need to grow from within. However, it is not easy to really embrace this concept in the everyday life’s hustle and bustle.

We’ve created a special leadership program based on the idea that truly great leaders can take their organisations to unprecedented levels. Our goal is to transform today’s managers into tomorrow’s leaders with the potential to change the world. High Touch Executive Search has therefore set up a well-thought-out process for personal growth and the development of a strong personal identity, in which managers learn based on their own lived experience. The program has a fixed framework but is always unique to your current managers and their specific development path.

With a recognised assessor, you explore the root causes of your main shortcomings and the gap between your optimal skills and the actual outcomes under challenging circumstances. You will discover who you are when you perform optimally compared to your everyday nature, and you will learn how to bridge this gap.

Leadership Development & Coaching

For High Touch Executive Search, development is about the gap between your current situation and the goal you want to work towards. If this gap is in skills or knowledge, that’s one thing. But if your development needs revolve around identity and mindset, it requires a different approach. Coaching can help here as an essential step in the development of true leadership.

High Touch coaches differently from the standard companies for leadership coaching, both in breadth and depth. Based on years of experience, we know what boardroom success looks like and the different behaviours that drive business performance. And because all our consultants themselves come from the business world or professional services, we know the pressure under which you work.

High Touch’s extensive network connects you with leading experts in senior leadership development so that we can provide the best intervention for your specific case. Normally, we work closely with you for six months, with monthly meetings in a safe and confidential environment that encourages openness.

With our expertise in benchmarking of managers, you will gain insight into your starting position. We help you to define and visualise your goals and unlock the full richness of your inner strength together with you. We also help you to become aware of the factors that slow you down. Together with you, we clearly map out your identity and purpose so that you can unlock your full potential. We look forward to guiding your leadership journey.

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