About Wilko Grievink

Wilko Grievink Wilko was born in Aalten, The Netherlands, in a family of bakers, farmers, suppliers of bakery equipment and catering entrepreneurs. It is not surprising that Wilko ended up at an agriculture and food company at the age of 23. After 13 years, he started an investment company for SMEs in Agriculture, Food and FMCG with two other entrepreneurs. After 7 years, Wilko leaves and joins a headhunting agency because he has this persistent curiosity in talent. High Touch 1,5 years later, Wilko is amazed by the lack of true interest in people and their needs in the world of executive search, and he starts to feel unchallenged in his job. He decides he must start his own executive search agency which will be totally dedicated to the agricultural business and that will strive for true, personal attention and care for the people he will work with.

Different criteria to consider when choosing a headhunter

HR departments often have to go beyond typical talent attraction and resources to identify the most compatible candidate whose qualifications, skills, and objectives align with what the company needs. That typically occurs when employers need an individual for a specific role and industry. Unemployment reached an unprecedented level, causing a talent abundance. [...]

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The High Touch Way Of Working

In this interview, Ellen and Wilko talk about the agency's working method, which focuses exclusively on senior management positions in the full breadth of the agri-food value chain internationally. What makes the agency so special in addition to the personal approach, the human dimension. Namely, all partners have made their own careers in [...]

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3 Reasons To Work With A Boutique Agency That Specializes In The Agro And Food Industry

The new realm of COVID-19 is challenging us with many obstacles, such as reduced networking and record low unemployment, which results in talent abundance. While many see an abundant talent pool as a silver lining, that doesn’t guarantee that the skills your company needs are available. These hurdles often demand professional support, and [...]

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring A Headhunter

Every company seeks efficiency and unique solutions to achieve success and improve their bottom line. Their employees are the key ingredient in accomplishing those objectives, which is why companies require exquisite recruiting processes and recruiters that can identify top talents.There are two types of professionals most companies hire for the talent sourcing and [...]

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