HR departments often have to go beyond typical talent attraction and resources to identify the most compatible candidate whose qualifications, skills, and objectives align with what the company needs. That typically occurs when employers need an individual for a specific role and industry.

Unemployment reached an unprecedented level, causing a talent abundance. It could be challenging to find the right person among the numerous job applicants. Collaborating with headhunters, HR professionals can identify the best candidate for a job role of paramount importance.

Even though headhunters are professional recruiters with strategic skills and industry-relevant knowledge, companies should consider different criteria before choosing one.

Here is what the HR departments should think about when selecting a headhunter

1. Experienced in relevant industry
A headhunter should collaborate with your company to develop the recruiting strategy and criteria and manage the process of detecting the best match. Headhunters should have industry experience and knowledge to know where to look and how to approach candidates.

Understanding your company’s niche allows them to determine what kind of a professional would fit into your daily operations and workplace culture. Thus, relevant experience provides insights into what skills, qualifications, and background should the ideal candidate have.

2. Useful network
Consider those headhunters with a good network, especially in your industry. Check whether they are well connected with niche professionals that could help them during the search process.

Moreover, if a headhunter has plenty of useful connections, they could access a large talent pool. That could accelerate recruitment and save you resources. Besides, it could also provide you with a compatible match that could start working sooner.

3. Previous clients
Check the portfolios of prospective headhunters, or ask if they collaborated with companies similar to you in the past. The similarity should go beyond the industry. A previous collaboration with businesses of a similar size, competitors, revenues, and customers is beneficial.

It could help them understand your needs, objectives, and where and how to start.

4. Resourcefulness
Headhunters should target candidates internally and externally to ensure a thorough process. If they are resourceful and have access to multiple tech platforms, databases, and contacts, it would shorten and ease the search.

Consider different criteria to find the right headhunter and treat the process like you would with other candidates. Interview them to get the answers you need and consider asking for references. Be as thorough as possible because to ensure the best outcome and most compatible employee.

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